Thursday, April 29, 2004

Business in Favour of Indentity Cards

Derek Sach in the FT says that 73 percent of businesses are in favour of compulsory identity cards.

If they wait until they are and do nothing, then they will probably cease to exist! And anyway, ID cards will only apply to UK individuals and not other companies and organisations, let alone overseas ones! So let’s have a worldwide card! (Ha! Ha!)

I am against ID cards for several reasons, including the emotional one, that I don’t want one, won’t have one and any Government that makes me have one can go hang. (I remember my father burning his in the fifties, saying only Nazis make us have cards like this!) Identity theft and fraud of all kinds are serious problems for any business and demand stronger action on a broad range of fronts. Not in ten or twelve years, but now! In fact, last year would have been better.

For a start, vehicles, which are nearly always used in terrorism and many crimes, should be better identified. Why for instance are the driver, vehicle, insurance, parking fine, speeding and MOT databases not connected together and available on-line to all Police? I hear those dreaded three words again. Data Protection Act! So leave out the driver. Vehicles don’t have human rights! This measure should be self-financing as unpaid Road Tax and insurance will be collected.

Then spend the billions (Three? Never!) that ID cards will cost on measures that will save lives; safer roads, better lighting, smoke detectors, screening for cancer, heart disease etc. The government should also be made to publish the Death statistics, so that we can see that terrorism even on the scale of September 11th is not likely to be a cause of our demise.

Business must turn to active and progressive technologies that squeeze the life-blood out of fraud and other crimes, so that terrorists and criminals don’t get the funds they need and turn to earning a more honest living.

The Internet is not only a source of knowledge and customers, but a source of those wanting to defraud your business. But just as it is a source of those unwanted people, they also leave their fingerprint behind and powerful tools linked to the Internet can be used to sort the good, from the bad and the ugly!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Directory Enquiries

We analyse phone bills!

Directory enquiries is now so expensive it is cheaper to phone up to 10 friends instead!

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